Migration Distraction

American Kestrel in silhouette

The month of September is almost behind us, a few hours only remain and it’s been a busy month. Checking my wordpress blog, I noticed it has been a few week since I’ve been blogging and you can fully blame that on the birds. Migration is in full swing in southern New England, when I’m not keeping my eyes to the skies for passing raptors, I’ve been looking in the tree tops and underbrush for warblers.

Black-capped Chickadee- winter 2010

While some may be complaining about the weather and how bad it has been for migration in general, the weather has been nice for getting outside. There has continued to be a trickle of migrants moving through the area over the past couple of weeks even if there hasn’t been a major push.

Ring-billed Gull

Out here at West Campus, this has meant that every day we get a new look at some warblers or hawks that are making their way south. This year has been a good one for Ruby-throated Hummingbirds on campus as opposed to last year when we hardly saw any.

American Crow- New Haven, Longwharf

I’ve been keeping my eyes open for some other interesting non-birdy things and I will blog about a really nifty fungus I saw out the front door the other day. In the meanwhile, here is a mix of random photos I’ve taken in the past to keep things interesting.

Brown Creeper- 2010


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