Stuff this!

No literally, Go ahead and stuff this! In general I don’t encourage anyone to go out and pick wild mushrooms, maybe it’s my typical New England upbringing that has shied me away from eating wild mushrooms. The one thing that I have learned from the years I’ve spent learning about and admiring mushrooms is that a lot less of them are poisonous than you think, and a lot more just don’t taste good. The other even more important thing is that the ones that are poisonous don’t just make you sick, they realllllllly make you sick or dead.

Agaricus campestris

So now that I have officially done my scare tactics, I’ll go ahead and say how excited I was yesterday while out walking around in the lawn to come across these medium-sized mushrooms. They are in the same genus (Agaricus)as those you commonly buy in the grocery store, the good old button mushroom. This group is relatively easy to identify with gills, fairly widely spaced, and turning brown with age, which also equates to brown spores in this mushrooms case. Spore color is a major identification tool when ID’ing a mushroom.

gill close-up

Did I really pick it and eat it.. Nope, I didn’t feel like cooking last night but I hope the baby that you see in the top picture has gotten bigger because I will tonight!


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