1, 2, 3, Little Butterflies

Little Glassy Wing

As mentioned in an earlier post, I spent Sunday outside with a very pleasant group of people completing a butterfly count.  A butterfly count is very similar to … a Christmas bird count, where participants go out and try to inventory the species and numbers of butterflies within a set geographic range.  This group hit about 5 spots in Redding, CT (our count area). 

The difference from say a bird count is that these butterfly people are much more strict!  Counting can go in only one direction at an area (like a field) so that there isn’t any doubling of numbers and the counters pretty much need to stick together.  Another difference???  At bird counts shouting out of species and numbers is generally not ideal since it can scare away the birds.  Butterflies don’t hear so well, lacking ears, and so the day was filled with a chorus of counters yelling out their finds and numbers.

3 European Skippers, 2 Great Spangled Frittilaries, 5 Cabbage Whites.  The only thing more dreamy than their names are the insects themselves.  Below is an assortment of photos I took from the day.  Since my ID skills are not all that good I decided taking pictures would be a better use of my time.  It was my first time using this borrowed lens, so these are definitely practice images.  But with critters so beautiful, even a bad picture is still a good one.

Silver Spotted Skipper

Least Skipper

Eastern Tailed Blue
Great Spangled Fritillary

Pipevine Swallowtail Larvae


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