The Start of Another List

For the past 2ish years I have been birding.  I suddenly decided after taking a 10 year hiatus from the hobby, I would start again and take my coworker down with me.  In all honesty she (Sue) is a good birder and has been for some time.  I just started forcing her to spend her break times with me teaching me how to bird again. 

Now 2 years later I would say I’m doing a fairly good job at it.  I feel confident in most of my ID’s and if I don’t, I feel confident enough to admit that and not make something up.  I’ve even started studying (a scary concept for someone who never did it in school) and have started to learn birds and calls before I’ve ever even seen the bird.  It’s especially gratifying to be able to make an ID on a life bird.  ID stands for identification by the way. 

Oh right back on subject.  After going out on a butterfly count this past weekend (I’m worse at ID’ing butterflies than I ever was at ID’ing birds), I have decided to now start a butterfly list for work as well.  Day one and we have 2 species on the list.  Cabbage White (Pieris rapae) an introduced species from Europe and Eastern Tailed Blue (latin to come). 

And now, I’m heading outside with my binoculars to see if I can add to the lists.  See you all in the field!


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